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Power connectors will dominate

The rapid development of power connector industry can be roughly summarized as the following points. Firstly, the rapid growth and driving force of local superior enterprises. In addition, the power connector industry is influenced by technology, which makes the entry threshold for new enterprises higher. Terminal terminal enterprises need to continuously promote independent innovation of product technology for development, so as to ensure the benign development and healthy growth of the power connector market. In addition, terminal enterprises are also actively introducing capital investment, developing emerging markets and other diversified strategies.

About the development of power connector filter technology

Plug terminal a variety of socket description can be deployed different matrix penetration methods, such as: horizontal, straight or skew printed circuit board, according to customer needs to choose different methods. It is the most popular terminal type in the market.

The fence terminal is able to complete the safe, reliable and useful connection, especially in the high current, high voltage application environment. Use career is the most extensive, such as frequency, riot, numerical control panel, door control, sensors, PLC, instrument appearance, power supply, servo drive, these using the professional to the requirements of the plug type terminal together: insertion force to smooth, touch the smaller resistance, wilt can satisfaction will be the life and fatigue degree, so the demand for metal shrapnel materials is higher. This demand goods description division on the layout and selection of materials have certain experience. About the fence type terminal primarily used in: power supply, relay (especially double-layer terminal), inverter, air conditioning.

Speed terminal board is based on this kind of demand arises as The Times require a commodity, it introduces a new concept of control cabinet equipment. This product describes the wiring electrical accessories in the control cabinet as a series of products with modular layout, including all kinds of imitation and digital signal input and output, power supply distribution, etc.

Consistent standard equipment scale is selected, transparent description of components, and instructions are easy to understand. For the automation system integrator in the description, manufacturing control cabinet and control box to bring great bento, control cabinet assembly and wiring and even directly in the project site, thoroughly solve the long time puzzled our operation problem, also for the repair personnel to bring great bento.Bring great convenience for system integration and operation protection.

Terminal board first applied to large-scale industrial production equipment of form a complete set of large and medium-sized DCS system and PLC system and long-distance IO (RTU), and other equipment, appearance is according to professional standards, control system and the process highly used to develop application-specific integrated interface, can be done with the control system of seamless docking, completely solve the wiring process uncertainty, accustomed to the demand of the development of the industrial automation technology.

Post time: Oct-15-2019