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Company Culture&Values

Company Culture&Values

Why Houd Establish

Grateful to customer, recognition to all employee’s hard working, broad-minded and selfless means HOUD (great kindness, moral).

NBC means broad mind of employee, tolerance, seeking perfect and surpass themselves, means spirit never slack, seek excellent. NBC is from 3 first grapheme of mandarin pronunciation (NaBaiChuan), black and red of the logo means "the sea collected hundreds of rives to setup its large" of the company.

Brand Culture

Company Brand Anen, take the short name of "Anen"


Commitment of Our Brand

Safety reliable energy-saving and environment.

Content of Our Brand

We insist on customer-orientation, emphasize communication with customer, deeply understand customer’s expectation and actively meet their need, initiatively take responsibilities, to improve customer satisfaction. Make customer succeed, approach a long term co-operation and double win.


Your satisfaction is not the result, it’s only our new beginning.


Honest and reliable: Honest to each other, to forge the fundamental of a enterprise. Be honest with yourself, always ready for responsibilities, realize the strength and shortage of yourself, continuous improvement. And let’s communicate sincerely with all our heart, make our efforts to win your trust.


We carefully listen to employee’s advice, actively discuss technical problem with customer and present our suggestion, by farther co-operation to improve industrial environment, creating value and sharing benefit together with stake-holders, and facing the opportunities and challenge together with them.


Trust NBC, we can meet your expectation and always make things a little better! With a positive attitude, NBC can insight into and catch the trends of the industry development, based on customer’s need, continuous innovation, setup strong technical team, offer more competitive products and solution, make value for customer continuously.


Seeking business partner globally, localized operation, offer best service for customer.

Enterprise Purpose

Science, Human care, honor, quality, quick response, seeking excellent.

Operation Principle

Sincere, good quality win the trust, practical, mutual benefit, achieve Win-Win.

Enterprise Motto

Honor, integrity, commitment, self-discipline, justice

Strategic Targets

Based on native country, serve globally, to make a dignified multinational enterprise.

Management Policy

Insist on value of customer-orientation, based on strugglers, step by step, continuously improving the organization, process, product and achievements, to make company a long term stable development.Deploy classified decentralized management, allocate duties to right people, strictly keep the rules of reward and punishment; fully comply with the law, keep fair and just,Setup reasonable incentive program, to make a stage to success for employee.


In order to adapt revolutionary change in industry, Nabaichuan,the company is constantly innovating around customer needs and technology, opening up and cooperating with the industry and continuously creating value for customers and society. Nabaichuan is dedicated to enriching people’s communication and life and improving their working efficiency. At the same time, we strive to be the first choice and the best partner of our customers, and become a favorite brand.

Quality Policy

Actively listening and deeply understanding customer need; sincerely offer perfect service.

Human-oriented, scientific management, excelsior.

Safety and environmental, Harmonious development, customer satisfaction.

HR Policy

HOUD(NBC) think of Human Resource as company’s fundamental and engine for development. NBC find and recommend talented people actively, obtain all kinds of technical and management talent from this industry, to forge a strong management team and a creative technical team.

Core principle: offer opportunities for those who want to make something, offer right position for those who can do something, reward those who had made something.

1. Talents selecting

Talent selection standard, personality and inherence is the most important, ethic is first priority, then we take care of their willing to work for company, and observe their commitment and ambition, then we look in their effort and working experience, the final is their major and education.

2. Talent training

Employee capability improvement is essential for company development, employee training will be very important for this. HOUD(NBC) offered training from basic knowledge to professional skill for employee based on their position and business requirement. New employee will have a comprehensive orientation, master-apprentice skill improvement model was used to help new employee to integrate in job quickly

3. Talent application

Policy of talent application in HOUD(NBC): commitment, desire of learning, strong practical ability, willing to take responsibilities, disciplined, good team working. Based on achievement, ability is valued in NBC, when you did a good job, outstanding, you will be promoted to a right position to improve yourself in practice. At the same time, talent application is based on their features. Those who can fulfill his potential is talent in some ways. We will offer right position for employee based on their level, strength, experience, character, ensure human talent being used to the best advantage, ensure NBC going ahead continuously, quickly and efficiently.

4. Talent detainment

Enterprise’s development is from employee’s contribution, enterprise’s development will being employee more development space.

HOUD(NBC) keep attention on employee cultivation, treasure and care to ensure every employee can work happily and develop their potential as possible. Regular activities are held to improve team work, improve communication and interaction, improve understanding and integration. At the same time, incentive program was setup in HOUD(NBC): "management innovation and rationalization proposal award", "outstanding employee award", "excellent employee award", "excellent manager award" for those who had made perfect contribution on job. And comprehensive security program was offered for employee, birthday party was held monthly for employees. Every year bonus will be given on employee’s performance and achievements. And employee outing program and training were offered to improve employee’s capability and value.