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Power connector to micro, chip, modular

The power connector is going to be miniaturized, thin, chip, composite, multi-functional, high-precision and long-life. And they need to improve the comprehensive performance of heat resistance, cleaning, sealing and environmental resistance.Power connector, battery connector, industrial connector, quick connector, charging plug,IP67 waterproof connector, connector, automobile connector can be used in various fields, such as CNC machine tools, keyboards and other fields, with electronic equipment circuit to further replace other on/off switches, potentiometer encoder and so on.In addition, the development of new material technology is also one of the important conditions to promote the technical level of electrical plug and socket components.

About the development of power connector filter technology

The market demand of power connector, battery connector, industrial connector, quick connector, charging plug, IP67 waterproof connector, connector and automobile connector has maintained a rapid growth in recent years. The emergence of new technology and new materials has also greatly promoted the application level of the industry.Power connector tends to be miniaturized and chip type. Nabechuan’s introduction is as follows:

First, the volume and external dimensions are minified and piecemated. For example, there are 2.5gb /s and 5.0gb /s power connectors, fiber optic connectors, broadband connectors and fine-pitch connectors (the spacing is 1.27mm, 1.0mm, 0.8mm, 0.5mm, 0.4mm and 0.3mm) with a height as low as 1.0mm ~ 1.5mm on the market.

Second, the pressure matching contact technology is widely used in cylindrical slotted socket, elastic strand pin and hyperboloid wire spring socket power connector, which greatly improves the reliability of the connector and ensures the high fidelity of signal transmission.

Third, semiconductor chip technology is becoming the driving force of connector development at all levels of interconnection.With 0.5 mm spacing chip packaging, for example, the rapid development, to 0.25 mm spacing to make the I level interconnect (internal) IC devices and Ⅱ level interconnect (devices and interconnect) of the plate on the number of device pins by lines to hundreds of thousands.

The fourth is the development of assembly technology from plug-in installation technology (THT) to surface mount technology (SMT), and then to microassembly technology (MPT). MEMS is the power source to improve power connector technology and cost performance.

Fifth, the blind matching technology makes the connector constitute a new connection product, namely the push-in power connector, which is mainly used for system level interconnection. Its biggest advantage is that it does not need cable, it is simple to install and disassemble, it is easy to replace on site, it is fast to plug and close, it is smooth and stable to separate, and it can obtain good high frequency characteristics.

Post time: Oct-11-2019