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New use of power connectors

Discussion of the use of the power connector has many, in fact, the user can add the power connector to existing software model, used to connect the business concerns and crosscutting concerns, because of AOP semantics, the connector part is dependent on business concerns, the crosscutting concerns part is dependent on the power connector.

About the development of power connector filter technology

Then, around the connector, the user can make a series of selected, without having to manually enter any content, it can be the business concerns, the mode of connection parts and crosscutting concerns identified (this step is by determining the AOP mutual information, and the information stored in the connector to achieve, this part export information is feasible, of course).

It is also argued that in order to allow a smooth transition between design and implementation and support low-level architectural design, link-based aspect-oriented modeling tools must support a code framework that automatically generates different AOP implementation techniques from the design model.This allows the developer to focus on building the model while the modeling tool generates the code automatically.Code generation improves developer productivity and reduces errors.The link-based aspect-oriented modeling method improves the reusability of AOP technology and improves the efficiency of software development by avoiding inconsistency between design and implementation.The designer can design AO with the object-oriented idea, and the developer can carry on the later programming according to the generated code framework.

It has also been suggested that connectors were introduced to support aspect-oriented modeling, maintaining separation of concerns early in the software life cycle to address the specification of crosscutting concerns at the architectural level.One of the main reasons connectors were introduced was to provide standard development tool support.Uml-based solutions for adding connectors are more acceptable.Connectors are a simple and powerful identifier for aspect-oriented modeling.But in order to reduce errors in mapping models to code, and to provide support for the underlying architecture design, automatic generation of AOP code frameworks is also required.

Thus, in general, link-based aspect-oriented modeling approaches can be introduced in a transparent manner at the analytical design stage of software, and can guide the later writing of AOP code to achieve a seamless connection between design and code.

Post time: Oct-01-2019