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NBC sincerely invites you to attend the 2021 World Battery Industry Expo

The World Battery Industry Expo 2021 officially opens today (November 18). The WORLD Battery Industry Expo (WBE Asia Pacific battery Exhibition) is dedicated to promoting global market trade and supply chain procurement.  It has developed into a professional exhibition with the largest number of exhibitors of battery enterprises (including battery cells and PACK enterprises) and the highest participation of professional visitors and foreign buyers at the application end of power, energy storage, 3C electronics and intelligent equipment.

This WBE2021 World Battery Industry Expo and the 6th Asia-pacific Battery Exhibition will officially receive friends from battery industry all over the country from November 18 to 20.  There are four pavilions on the first floor and the second floor of Area C of The Canton Fair.

Dongguan Nabaichuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located at booth B224, Hall 15.2, 2nd floor, Zone C, looking forward to your visit and guidance!  (Qr code for booking is attached!)



Post time: Nov-18-2021