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  • ANEN SA50 Dual power connector used in Marine Boat Camping Battery Box

    12 V Marine Boat Camping Battery Box with 16 A circuit breaker and on/off switch Empty Battery Box For Battery Pack This battery box will fit 100Ah, 120Ah, and 135ah batteries. This is a great battery box with features including a voltage display, 1 x 12V Socket output and 2 x USB ports. On/Off s...
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  • Power cords and network cables are used in Bitcoin mining

    We have worked with some very famous mining companies in North America (HUT8 Mining Corp./Bitfury/Marathon Digital Holdings/Bitfarms/Riot Blockchain, Inc./Hive Blockchain Technologies LTD/Core Scientific, Inc./Cipher Mining Inc.) and supplied various types of NEMA L7-30 plug, PA45, C19 power cord...
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  • What is Bitcoin?

    What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is the first and most widely recognized cryptocurrency. It enables peer-to-peer exchange of value in the digital realm through the use of a decentralized protocol, cryptography, and a mechanism to achieve global consensus on the state of a periodically updated public tran...
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  • Cables for Mining Crypto Currency

    Crypto Mining Cables are extremely important when it comes to mining crypto currency. Crypto mining cables offer the stability and power needed for the energy extensive crypto currency mining rigs. GPU Mining Riser Cables maintain power throughout the intensive mining cy...
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  • Metal Mesh manufacture

    Metal Mesh manufacture

    Houd Industrial International Limited(HOUD) is a leading manufacturer of metal mesh and power connector. HOUD is part of the NBC Group. It is based in Dongguan City, China, with offices in Shanghai, Dongguan(HOUD), Hong Kong, and USA. HOUD We have established long term p...
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  • Earphone Structure Solutions

    Earphone Structure Solutions

    With the progress of the times, people's demand for headphones will no longer be satisfied with simple songs but more functions for the headphones. Consumer's demand will stimulate the headset products to wireless and intelligent direction, including voice interaction, n...
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  • UPS Power Application Solutions

    UPS Power Application Solutions

    UPS (Uninterruptible Power System) is an uninterruptible power supply that connects a battery (often a lead-acid free maintenance battery) to a host computer and converts DC power into utility power through module circuits such as a host inverter . It mainly used to prov...
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  • Fast charging solution for forklift truck

    Fast charging solution for forklift truck

    With the advance of technology, all kinds of electric tools to greatly enhance the efficiency of daily life, and these electric tools are related to a charge, accompanied by a corresponding safety conduction current, and can realize the fast connector plug is made. ANEN High Current Connectors ar...
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  • Solution of Led Connector

    Solution of Led Connector

    With the development of society and the continuous innovation of science and technology, ANEN lighting connectors emerge as the times require. This series of lamps and connectors can quickly plug in, easy to install, safe and energy-saving, greatly enhance the efficiency...
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  • New Energy Automotive Connector Solutions

    New Energy Automotive Connector Solutions

    With the increasing of new energy automotive, The construction of charging pile accelerates and the demand for connector grows rapidly. In response to the rapid development of new energy vehicles in the future, ANEN new energy automobile connector has the characteristics...
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  • Solar Power Station System Solutions

    Solar Power Station System Solutions

    Characteristic: Solar power generation, on account of its characteristic is energy conservation environment protection and one-time investment, long-time benefit , now, it expands in all developed countries rapidly, which born "Plug-and-play" solar connector, ANEN solar ...
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  • OT Terminal Series Products Solutions

    OT Terminal Series Products Solutions

    Brass terminals, also known as wire, copper wire, copper nose, terminal blocks, etc., are used for electric wire electric cable connected to the electrical equipment fittings, the top side as the fixed screw on the side, for after peeling on at the end of the copper wire...
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